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Thai Dessert Mixed Flour

Finished dough For making layer desserts


  • Sugar 59%

  • Rice Flour 37%

  • Tapioca starch 4%

Layer baking ingredients

  • Finished dough For baking 1000 grams (1 bag)

  • 700 grams of coconut milk

  • 300 grams of water

How to make layered desserts

  1. Put the mold in the steamer and put the steamer over heat.

  2. Take out half of the coconut milk 350 ml. To heat it over low heat.

  3. Then bring the finished flour For making layer desserts Pour into a container and add half of the remaining 350 ml of coconut milk into the flour and knead by hand for 5 minutes.

  4. After that, pour 300 ml. Of water into the bowl and mix it with hot coconut milk in a bowl of flour. And stir well

  5. After that, the powder was divided into different colors. As needed

  6. When the water boils, pour the flour mixture into the mold that is set on fire. Steamed for 5 minutes each layer and alternating colors on each layer until complete. Or until the desired layer or until the dough is exhausted, then put the pastry set aside for about 3 hours and then unwrap the mold.

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