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Net weight 1 kg

Storage method If not used up, it should be kept in the refrigerator.

Mixing ratio of finished flour For making layer desserts

Sugar 59 %

Tapioca starch 37 %

Rice Flour 4 %

Do not use preservatives

Finished dough For making layer desserts

Sales Tax Included
  • ingredient

    • Finished dough For baking 1000 grams (1 bag)
    • 700 grams of coconut milk
    • 300 grams of water

    The process of making layers

    • Put the mold in the steamer and put the steamer over heat.
    • Take out half of the coconut milk 350 ml. To put the coconut milk on low heat.
    • Then bring the finished flour For making layer desserts Pour into a container and add half of the remaining 350 ml of coconut milk into the flour and knead by hand for 5 minutes.
    • After that, pour 300 ml of water into the mix and mix the coconut milk over the heat in a bowl of flour. And stir well
    • After that, the powder was divided into different colors. As needed
    • When the water boils, pour the flour mixture into the mold that has already been set on fire. Steamed for 5 minutes each layer and alternating colors on each layer until complete. Or until the desired layer, or until the dough is exhausted, then put the pastry set aside for about 3 hours and remove from the pan.