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Net weight 1 kg

Storage method If not used up, it should be kept in the refrigerator.

Mixing ratio of finished flour For making Dok Jok dessert

Rice flour 45 %

Tapioca starch 27 %

Sugar 23 %

Wheat flour 4 %

Other 1 %

Do not use preservatives

Finished dough For making Dok Jok dessert

Sales Tax Included
  • ingredient

    • Dok Jok Flour 1000 grams (1 bag)
    • 5 cups coconut milk
    • 5 cups lime juice
    • 5 chicken eggs
    • 10 tablespoons of vegetable oil
    • Black sesame or white sesame, as desired

    How to do

    • Mix the finished flour For making Dok Jok dessert, Gogi brand, kneaded with coconut milk and lime juice to combine.
    • Beat the eggs into the sesame seeds, mix until homogeneous.
    • Pour the oil into the pan, heat it over medium heat, soak the joker mold in oil
    • When typing is hot Lift the pan, lightly grease it into the dough, being careful not to dip the mold over the top edge.
    • Fried in oil The candy will fall off from the crispy yellow mold.
    • Take a colander spoon up Put on oil blotting paper When the dessert is cold, keep it in a bag for several days.