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Seasoned Tempura Flour Garlic Pepper

Fully seasoned flour

Garlic and Pepper Flavor

  1. 1 sachet (100g.) Of flour mixed with 130 ml of cold water (adjust the proportion as needed).

  2. Pour cold water with Gogi seasoning flour, stir to combine.

  3. Put the vegetables and meat in a hot oil pan. Crispy and golden yellow

(Recommend larger meats such as chicken breasts, chicken legs should be cooked before frying)

How to mix complete seasoning flour Garlic and Pepper Flavor

  • Wheat flour 60%

  • Rice Flour 15%

  • Tapioca Starch 8%

  • Modified Starch 4%

  • Garlic and Pepper Seasoning Powder 4%

  • Corn Starch 3%

  • 3% baking powder

  • 2% salt

  • Other 1%


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